This course is a combination of our Why Lean Rules Rule! and Principles With Pow! module series.

As such it will introduce the four rules of lean that provide the steady and reliable criteria for objectively evaluating processes to determine opportunities for improvement.  Throughout this module series, learners will acquire:

  • An overview of structured activities and the criteria necessary for designing structured activities as well as an understanding of the impact that unstructured activities have on the completion of work
  • Recognition of the hundreds of customer-supplier relationships that exist both within the organization and outside the organization and the requirements for establishing clear connections to ensure consistent and reliable responses
  • An awareness of the flow paths that people, material and information follow for work completion and the impact that multiple flow paths have on the work results produced
  • A structured method for planning and testing experiments to improve work

The second part of the course will introduce the five principles of lean required to establish common thinking and guide the behaviors and actions displayed by those working within an organization.  Throughout this module series, learners will acquire:

  • A common lens for conducting objective and factual observation of work processes to identify improvement opportunities
  • An understanding of the critical role of establishing high agreement to align the efforts of others in goal accomplishment
  • A common lens and language for identifying waste within work processes and communicating the presence of waste to others
  • An awareness of the difference between firefighting symptoms of problems and using a structured and systematic approach for permanently addressing the root cause of a problem
  • Recognition of the role that structured, daily learning plays in continuously moving an organization toward achieving its ideal state vision for performance and operations

Number of Modules: 12

Approximate run time: 150 minutes