Our Leading Lean course will help leaders move their organization through it’s lean journey.  This course will provide you with the skills to strategically grow knowledge and develop internal skills and resources to ensure that lean transitions from an organizational initiative to the ‘way we do business around here’.  This course consists of five lessons, and the learner should have a working knowledge of the Lean Rules and Principles and have completed either our Lean Foundations or The Lean Experience class.

Though this course, learners will:

Identify the impact of culture and cultural inhibitors on a lean transformation.
Be able to develop strategies for building a critical mass of lean change agents within your organization.
Be able to engage others and gain commitment for the lean journey more effectively up, down, and across the organizational chart.
Gain greater leverage and sustainability by employing daily coaching and delegating skills in support of lean principles and practices.
Establish an overall framework for the continuous evaluation and improvement of your own lean leadership capabilities.

Number of Modules: 5

Approximate run time: 1 hour, 30 minutes